What Does a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?

What Does a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?

What is a real estate virtual assistant and how can they help you with your real estate business?

First off, what is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is exactly like a personal assistant or receptionist – except, they work remotely. Rather than committing to hiring an assistant to work full time in your office, you can sign a contract with an independent contractor who will bill you only for the time you need them.

In the real estate market things can go up and down, especially between seasons – and sometimes the idea of hiring someone year-round can be daunting, especially if you see a big gap between your high and low seasons.

With a virtual assistant, you can pick and choose when you need their assistance and can – at the click of the button – let them know they’re not needed next week, without a cost to yourself. Since 2020 and the events that unfolded, we are all more precautious about contracting staff and using a virtual assistant can give that extra hand – without that added pressure.

But what does a virtual assistant do?

People who get into real estate often do so because they’re good with people and at building trust and quick relationships – however, the reality of being a real estate agent is a lot more than people or selling skills.

In fact, a huge – and often unmentioned – part of being a real estate agent is the admin. Sending promotional emails, listing new properties, responding to enquiries, and sending out feelers when things are slow can quickly get on top of you.

An assistant will take care of all of that for you – helping you to manage your admin and leaving you to concentrate on what really matters, selling houses.

Imagine never having to open your diary again – that’s the reality of hiring real estate virtual assistant services. Every future appointment, social media post, phone call and even uber can all be organized by someone, remotely at a desk – as and when you need them.

Why choose a real estate expert?

Not every virtual assistant is the same – in fact, in recent years generic assistants have started to appear increasingly on the web, but they might not be the best for your business in real estate.

Since the increase in popularity of virtual assistants, the need for expert assistants has increased. When you choose an expert assistant in your field of work, they can do a lot more than just manage your diary.

Trusting someone to contact your clients, or post on social media on your behalf is a huge step – especially when you’re new to business and maybe more so when you have a reputation to uphold.

When you choose a real estate virtual assistant you know that you are hiring someone who understands the business you’re working in – rather than just winging it. After a quick lowdown on the area in which you work, a real estate virtual assistant can take control of everything you need them too without needing babysitting – or worrying they will do the wrong thing.

Need to list a new property – they can do it, need new staff – they can help you advertise – too busy to answer the phone, they’ve got it – don’t waste any more time than you need to on the “little bits” that helps your business run, and find someone you can really rely on to take control.

What to expect from a real estate virtual assistant?

A real estate virtual assistant will do exactly what you need it to – whether it’s a couple of hours a week or fulltime admin. Assistants can be hired on an as needed basis and at late notice – meaning if you find yourself short on a Monday afternoon, by Tuesday you can have a right hand “man”.

And thanks to a freelance contract, if by Wednesday you no longer need assistance, you can simply cancel your contract without a cost to yourself or your business – the perfect way to manage busy periods.

How does it work?

Anyone online can claim they are a real estate virtual assistant, however not everything online is what it seems. If you want to be able to really put the trust in your real estate virtual assistant, choose a reputable agency who will guarantee anyone you hire has been background checked and has the exact experience you’re looking for.

Contracts work on an as needed basis, with you paying an assistant only for the hours you need them to work – rather than idle hours waiting for it to come in.

Whether you’re new to the real estate world, or an OG looking for a hand in busy times, a real estate virtual assistant can transform your business and how it runs – contact us for more details.