List of Tasks That You Can Assign To a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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List of Tasks That You Can Assign To a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

In the business world and life, it’s all about growth. And, when it comes to hiring a real estate VA, the growth benefits are pretty significant. A virtual assistant helps you with all the little tasks for which you would typically use your assistants. A business and financial security VA can advise you on business, financial and personal concerns. A right VA can do many different things, such as extracting leads and researching your databases, as well as running marketing campaigns and managing finances.

A VA helps win back your time, so you can focus on the high-impact work that brings in revenue to your real estate business. Fact is, virtual assistants are the best-kept secret that top professional agents use over and over again to make seven and eight-figure incomes. You need to be able to do it right. Before hiring your first entry-level VA, you need to lay out a simple process of how they will need to communicate to you. Because real estate VAs are not exactly rare, finding a genuinely stellar virtual assistant that can do an excellent job is another story.

List of tasks that you can assign to a real estate virtual assistant

Below are some of the many things a great virtual assistant can do to help your real estate business scale.

  1. Marketing 

A VA can help with marketing tasks like tagging your emails, creating social media posts, researching blog ideas, scheduling content, writing a book, updating your website, sending emails, scheduling social media posts, and tracking analytics.

  1. Operations

If you aren’t good at juggling and scheduling different types of paperwork and helping people with other types of real estate operations, finding and/or hiring a virtual assistant may be a good choice. They help in data entry, making sales and performance reports, collecting feedback from clients, and much more.

  1. Admin

There’s also a virtual assistant that does things like help you schedule appointments and let you know about sales at your favorite store. You could respond to emails and manage your calendar duties so that you spend more time developing your leadership skills.


Hiring a virtual assistant will scale up your business and reduce your stress. But it will also help in saving money. Virtual real estate assistant pricing is very affordable, and they make sure to provide you the best services at the given price. If spending some money by expanding your team can help you gain more money and fame, why not? What are you waiting for? Hire an exemplary assistant today to make your business reach heights.