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We provide virtual assistance to generate valuable insight into what is happening in the trenches of your business, to ease workload on your employees, and help you gain more leads!

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This is easy! Our Onboarding is structured to ask your Team to record videos of tasks, or we will record as we go through your tasks. Once we have these videos, you will never have to train us again, unless anything changes!  Please note that our Team is trained in real estate, but we will still need to know specifics about how YOUR Team runs your systems and processes. 

Our Business Center is located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina! Our Delivery Center is in Southern India, in Coimbatore. We have one large office where our team members work together, alongside Mangers, Team Leaders and Associate Team Leaders. This allows us to provide extra accountability, training and guidance for employees. 

Yes! Our Company carries both Errors & Omissions Insurance, as well as Cyber Coverage. 

Yes, you can hire as many VA’s per your Team needs. Once your hours reach more than one full time VA, we will encourage you to move up in your subscription. Plus, the higher you go in hours, the lower your hourly rate!

We will connect you to your VA Team directly via email & Google Hangouts. You can also add them to your team communication channels like Slack, Microsoft Team etc.

Of course! We always recommend recording a training video to send over to your Virtual Assistant to train us exactly how you would like this task completed. 

Do you have a vendor relationship you are looking to leverage? We have clients who provide business consistently to title companies, attorneys, lenders, inspectors, etc. and are looking for ways to make that relationship a two way street. This is a great way – ask that vendor to pay your monthly subscription! Just be sure to check with your local law, first. 

We are happy to supply you with a timesheet of your Virtual Assistants’ hours at the end of every month for your review on request.

Our Employees are sure to be present for your entire Subscription time each and every month, so hours do not carry over. Any hours you purchase for one month will expire in that same month. 

Yes, our team generally works from 10 am EST to 7 pm EST. This shift is designed to accommodate the different time zones (MST,CST,PST)

To Track hours spent for a client, we use a system called “Timeslab”. Using a specific “Timeslab” for each Client, we track the time needed for each task, and track hours based on time spent on the exact number of tasks. Check out this Video for more information! 

Our Team employs a very detailed recruitment and hiring process – requiring time and money to examine, train and bring on high quality Virtual Assistants for your Team. Your Setup fee covers our detailed process to get you a qualified VA to work for you immediately! See more about this hiring process below. 

A prospective hire must meet our initial criteria to be considered: calling experience, excellent conversational English language skills, and excellent references.

We then invite prospective hires to partake in our initial testing including a DISC assessment, as well as a KPA assessment. 

The hire is then put through in depth training for real estate practices, team building, and system management. This is a full time training program where they receive additional training on real estate related language, outbound calling, overcoming objections, our scripts, our technology, our tools, and much more. 

If they pass through this process, they will begin working with an Associate Team Lead to train with an expert for a months time, before beginning to work directly with a team.

This entire process can take 4-6 weeks before your VA is working for you full time!