Assistants For Real Estate Professionals

• Save on Hiring & Training Costs
• Focus more time towards more value-added objectives for your business
• No downtime! Keep operations going in case of employee turnover


Why outsourcing is the best decision for you?

  • The advantage of different time zones gives the ability to reduce turnaround time significantly. 
  • You’ll get specialized and expert virtual assistants that have experience in the related field.
  • Additional workforce for temporary requirements or project-based tasks.
  • Hiring virtual assistants can lower prices of labor costs
  • By hiring virtual assistants you save on overhead costs and other inhouse costs
  • Keeps operations going in case of employee turnover.

What We Do

Delegate The Following Tasks to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant:

Managing paperwork and contracts

We know that there are so many documents required for every transaction. Let our Team help you manage these documents, signatures and ensure compliance!

Listing Entry and Management

You want to provide a comprehensive presentation for any new listing, which takes time to track down and create. Save time by utilizing our Delegation Department to handle this for you. 

Expert Realtor Services Team

Lead Prospecting

There is always more opportunity out there to be provided to your agents, but not always enough time to find it. Our ISA Team will dial to provide your agents with appointments and nurtures to convert. 

Daily Updating CRM and other systems

If an update is not in the CRM, it does not exist – we have all heard this mantra. Let our Delegation Team keep your agents organized by making updates in your CRM, lead partners, or any other sites you need. 

Tracking team numbers and providing reporting

Gain insight into exactly what happens to your Leads once they get to an agent, and follow the process through their CRM Management, Closing and Commission Reporting, and more!

Our Process

We believe in cultivating great relationships with our clients. Here’s our process to get things organized and moving!

Onboarding Call

Discover and communicate with the team what kind of help you will be needing.

Meet your team

Meeting with your VA Team Leader & Associate Team Leader. They will be the ones to oversee the task you have delegated to the team.

Setup Technical Requirements

This is the phase when we need to set up our Communication and Delegation Tools. We use Screencast-o-matic to capture the task you need us to do. We can use any communication tool such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Vox and more.

Kick off Program

Start Delegating your tasks to your own VA Team

Cost Comparison

The cost for a full time employee costs more than just their salary – overhead, taxes and time spent managing an employee add up quickly! Using ERS Virtual Assistants, your personalized VA Team is trained and available to you – for a fraction of the cost!

Full-time Office Employee

When you hire your own a Full-time Staff, it would cost you:
  • Labor Taxes
  • Sick Leaves and Holiday Pays
  • Overtime Pay
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Rental Space, Overhead Costs & Office Equipment

Virtual Assistant

But when you hire your own VA, it would cost you:
  • No Paid Labor Taxes
  • No Sick Leave and Holiday Pays
  • Can be paid by the hour
  • No Healthcare Insurance Costs
  • No Overhead Costs, Use of ERS Office Space & Equipment


Any Extra hours over your subscription amount will be charged to your account at the end of the month. Meaning, you are essentially paying hourly for any amount over your subscription amount. 

Part Time

$ 1,047 80 hours - 4 hours/day
  • Setup Fee $997
  • Minimum turnaround time of 3 to 4 hrs
  • Tasks completion EOD same day

Full Time

Delegation or Accountability
$ 1,997 160 hours
  • Setup Fee $997
  • Hourly Price $12.48

Full time

$ 1,997 160 hours
  • Setup Fee $1997
  • Hourly Price $12.48​

Can't find right plan for your team?

We understand your team might be different and you are looking for customized pricing options. Our plans for 240+ hours per month begin at $10.48/hour! Talk to our Team to discuss the best plan for you!

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What People Say

“I am a big believer that you have to inspect what you expect….Vishnu and her team…always come back 100% correct!” 

Thomas Elrod

Co-Founder, High Performance Real Estate Advisors

“I love the fact that it’s a source that we can keep adding different tasks to…and they are familiar with our business. And LOVE the fact that you can video your request and they can follow the directions that way. It has saved us lots of time in tracking and in our accountability and then opening up doors for activities myself and my admin can think about that someone else can do so we can continue to grow our business.”

Melissa Thompson

Owner, Melissa Thompson Team